Transformational leadership and organizational change essay

Watching him introduce the latest wonder product from Apple is like watching a child describe his favorite toy. Get rid of the crappy stuff.

Effective change management need leaders to empower employees to adapt and accept the changes of their change environment in order to implement and attain organizational vision and strategy. The success of any organization depends on the effective leadership and development of high performing teams which permeates through every layer of an organization.

In current highly competitive marketplace, acquisitions and mergers have now become important part of operational strategy of several organizations in order to attain corporate diversity, continuous growth and development.

This type of structure usually solidifies an approach that allows individuals to realize their existence via a process that translates the needs of individuals based on the principles of spirituality into actions that guide work ethic.

Employee reactions generally passes through following stages namely doubt and rejection; anger and offence; negotiation and depression; and finally acceptance. To help recover from the stress of mergers, motivation, support, commitment and consideration from leaders is essential.

The overall conclusion from the extension is that, leaders with a higher level of intelligence and experience will outperform leaders who are less intelligent.

At certain time, I got impatient over the time taken by employees to shift organizational culture and sudden changes of merger this causes leader subject to abuse and inability to lead the team. Table 1 below presents the four core outcomes that an organization can adapt.

The combination of leadership, change management, and related formal nurse management theories provides an excellent platform for examining operations within a healthcare environment. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are.

Therefore, transformational leadership behaviour is imperative with a view to effectively deal with merging of different organizational cultures Bass, At every stage, the organization faces varied business challenges and problems. It is therefore imperative that the leadership be embedded in this critical process, why?

After his return to Apple the iPod was released, followed by iTunes, then the iPhone and soon will come the iCloud. There will also be a critical analysis of change management and what environments are conducive to different strategies. However, for the latter, environmental or situational factors determine the style of leadership that is best suited.

By following the transformational leadership behaviour, I can assist my employees to sort out the difficulty in extricate from old situations and acknowledge the new arrangements. Another limitation that I have came across while leading employees towards change is loss of patience.

He builds their trust in him, in Apple, and in the Apple brand. Leadership in every respect has implications on organizational efficiency whether positively or negatively.

Industrial, military and educational impact. To successfully execute the process of mergers, effective leadership behaviour is essential.

Being a transformational leader, I assumed that workers will readily follow my idea and propositions for change, however there are many employees who have different opinion and view about vision formulated.

In the game of cell phone providers and carriers, Steve Jobs essentially flipped the script. According to the same authors, he brings this group together on a weekly basis to review the products that they are working on and see what problems they may be having.

An efficient manager also require to involve other members in decision making process, clarifying vision, values and mission of organization to all employees, generation effective learning process for all employees, identifying policies, structure, strategies and thereby is able to manage any type of organizational change effectively.

The necessary leadership theories have also found that the identified traits of leaders were expansive and not uniformed across individuals. The leadership develops an outcome that is centered on organizational goal achievement.

Retrieved from http: However, what is clear is that the nursing literature views transformational leadership as an important aspect of change management and some authors have identified this leadership style as one of the most effective processes that can lead to efficiency in the long-run.

At the first board meeting after his return to Apple, he walked into the conference room where the current Apple products were on display. The types of leadership that exist provide insight into whether leaders are made or born.


He is full of excitement, vitality and even keeps you on the edge of your seat in suspense. An effective leader needs to cope up and capitalize on organizational change as changes are occurring at a more rapid pace than ever before.Components of Transformational Leadership Theory Essay - Qualitative evaluation of the questionnaires indicated that leaders could act as role models in promoting teamwork, mutual respect, and organizational commitment to achieve success.

Identify whether Nelson Mandela displays a leadership style that is congruent with charismatic or transformational leadership. Nelson Mandela was a leader who exemplifiedtransformational style of leadership.

Transformational leaders change feelings, patterns of thinking, and behavior. p. ), state that a transformational leader should.

Transformational Leadership and Organizational Change Essay Sample

Contradiction between Transformational leadership and Charismatic leadership Transformational leader is an “icon” to organization especially in an organization where this leader did what was thought to be impossible (Bass & Avolio, as cited by Mandell & Pherwani, ).5/5(5).

Transformational Leadership – Essay Sample Transformational leadership is the leadership approach that creates positive and valuable change in the followers. It is a leadership style that leads to changes that are positive to the followers.

Components of Transformational Leadership Theory Essay - Qualitative evaluation of the questionnaires indicated that leaders could act as role models in promoting teamwork, mutual respect, and organizational commitment to achieve success.

 Transformational Leadership a Personal Reflection A Transformational Leader is a person who assesses a country, or organization/company, and recognizes the need for a change in the entity and is able to envision what this change should be.

Transformational leadership and organizational change essay
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