Questionnaire on customer satisfaction in pantaloon

Whether it is the answer to a hypothesis or even a simple question, research is successful when we find answers.

Quality comes to services. Sing how in your absence, thoughts on love hint of torment. It was also found that Big Bazaar takes good care of their customers and frequently offers different and attractive schemes and Big Bazaar giving value for money to its customers.

Says R S Roy, editorial director of the magazine Retail, which tracks the industry closely: It is focused and limited to a specific scope. First part of the chapter covers the statistical analysis on data collected using the research instrument. In warding- Next step is the pre in warding of the material in SAP as well as in ware house.

From the above Table it is shown that p- value is less than 0. Galaxy Entertainment Corporate Ltd. Most of the Customers are targeted by almost all the segments of the society with their USP being Price benefit customer require all the stores in Prime Location.

TPFPL is a These stores are located in residential areas with slightly higher-price goods on account of the convenience offered. This result also implies that the store is taking considerable efforts to meet the expectations of the customers. His presence ensures footfalls and a premium for the mall.

The Questionnaire can further include more criteria for analysing the satisfaction of customers. The median age for India is 25 years as compared to 28 years for Brazil, 33 years for China and 38 years for Russia.

The speciality store that offer a variety of category and are known as category killers as they focus on specific categories such as electronics, sporting goods etc. Mannequins Stylized plastic, wood, fibreglass, plaster, metal, or glass representations of human form used for displays.

I wish you had taken that job singing of thingness. It may well be worth investing in marketing research in order to ensure that expectations are met, and exceeded, in this regard. Gender of the Respondents: This element is the core for the services criteria, because, the customers problems and issues have to deal with due care.

The marketing activity was restricted to Pune regionThere was no monetary stipulation for the Projectonly traveling allowances were given.

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No Type of product No of respondents Percentage 1 Men apparels 11 22 2 Men accessories belts,perfume 2 4 3 Women apparels 21 42 4 Women accessories jewel,bag,perfume 9 18 5 Kids apparels 7 14 6 Total 50 Source: Apparel, fashion and accessories 2.

Sometimes the answer is no, but it is still an answer. The descriptive statistics is used to find the most significant factor of service quality with respect to retail industry. Stock handover register 2. CPlease rate on the basis of Physical Aspect It consists of following things.

Galaxy Entertainment Corporate Ltd. Second they can store the material in the mother distribution centre or regional distribution centre if the material is for a specific zone. Research is focused on relevant, useful, and important questions.

Reflecting on the robust growth in India's GDP, consumer expenditure in current prices grew at a relatively high pace of nearly 10 percent per annum over the past two years. I feel risky while transacting in Big Bazaar. Stores with a large assortment are said to have a good depth.

Ensure positive attitude, sincerity, humility and united determination shall be the driving force to be successful. Tell me about atime when your course load was heavyhow did you complete all your work?

In general, a category is an assortment of items that a customer sees as reasonable substitutes for each other. Known theories and models were applied in drafting and formulating the questionnaire. Home Solutions Retail India Ltd: Documents are different against all above three cases.

Village fairs were larger in size with a wide variety of goods sold from food, clothing, cosmetics and small consumer durables.The Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ) is designed to measure an employee’s satisfaction with particular job.

Method includes items measuring 20 facets of job satisfaction. There are three version are available: two long forms ( version and version) and a short form.

This is to certify that the dissertation entitled “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TOWARDS SPEAK ASIA ” was successfully carried out by KONIJETI VENKATA SAI CHAKRAPANI (Y), in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for award of the degree of BBA for the academic year of Pantaloon: Incorporated inPantaloon Retail is among the pioneers in chain retailing.

Data CollectedData collected for this questionnaire to know the age of customer of reliance fresh. ANALYSIS— Data CollectedData collected from this questionnaire to know the satisfaction level of customer. 66 ANALYSIS—.

A Study on Customer Satisfaction of Fly Mobile Handsets tieh reference to Madurai city. Palanivelrajan. A E-Sat Survey at Bangalore Central Mall(a Pantaloon retail Ltd.,) Swarnalatha C: A HIRALAL N GADA: Analysing the effectiveness of Educational Institutions for assessing Placement Preferances by.


Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions: 5 Sample Templates You Can Use Today

a study on customer satisfaction and customer service at pantaloons a summer internship report submitted to international management institute bhubaneswar report submitted in partial fulfillment of requirement for pgdm submitted by- aniket mishra roll nopgdm-bhu 2.

institute of professional education & research, bhopal final project report on pantaloon anurag sahu a project report on retail store marketing activity (in.

Questionnaire on customer satisfaction in pantaloon
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