Process and outcome evaluations

Choosing Evaluation Designs Choosing an evaluation design for community change strategies is challenging.

Basic Guide to Outcomes-Based Evaluation for Nonprofit Organizations with Very Limited Resources

Impact evaluation measures how well the programs objectives and sub-objectives have been achieved. Case studies are applicable when the program is unique, when an existing program is used in a different setting, when a unique outcome is being assessed, or when an environment Process and outcome evaluations especially unpredictable.

The number of clients served, books published, etc. Each outcomes evaluation process is somewhat different, depending on the needs and nature of the nonprofit organization and its programs. Has the overall program goal been achieved?

Who are primary audiences for the results? If not, what remains to be done? Purpose refers to the general intent of the evaluation. This approach is described in the following sections. Soon, you should train at least one board member and staff member about outcomes -- consider using this very basic online guide Planning Your Outcomes Evaluation -- Step 2: What were specific interventions put into place by the program to fight the problem being tackled?

Types of evaluation Many types of evaluation exist, consequently evaluation methods need to be customised according to what is being evaluated and the purpose of the evaluation.

In sub—Saharan African countries and many other developing countries, multiple organizations support different programs and may work in different areas of the same country, implement their programs differently and may implement in areas that were designated to be the control arm of an evaluation without the evaluator being aware.

This chapter presents concepts to consider in conducting evaluations. The report documents the evaluation and describes the planning process; examines the reasons why the project was terminated; and assesses what has been learned from this experience and develop recommendations concerning future development of policy with respect to the use of fines as criminal sanctions.

Step 3: Focus the Evaluation Design

The importance of ensuring fidelity to the model and applying sanctions and incentives consistently were among the major findings of the study. Impact evaluation will assess the attitudes of young people towards the learning environment and how they perceived it.

The intervening variables that may affect a program are numerous, complex, and varied and may or may not be able Process and outcome evaluations be controlled or eliminated. Nonprofit organizations are finding that it makes sense to place new emphasis on evaluation in order to: If you can run an organization, you can surely implement an evaluation process!

To identify outcomes, consider: How sustainable is the program? The demonstration sites were required to submit their evaluation reports in their 18th month.

Once a program component is found to have consistent effects in several applications, the strategy may be used confidently with predictable results.

Evaluation is a complex science. We asked each researcher to describe the study design, whether pre and post household surveys were conducted, if yes, what was the first and second level of selection, how were households selected, what were the sample sizes, who conducted the interviews, who designed the study and who did the training.

Resources and logistics may influence decisions about evaluation focus. The strategy will eliminate drug trafficking by the 86th Street Crew. Replication of a program ensures that the documented program effects were not a chance occurrence, the result of unobserved intervening factors, or limited to one place or one time period.

In the project planning phase, the department should carefully state its expectations of a gang enforcement strategy that is implemented correctly. What if any changes have been made to intended activities? Do the status and hierarchy of involved personnel interfere with communications?

Their response to the resources, or opportunities provided by the intervention is what causes the outcomes. The second data source includes interviews with and observations of participants. Impact Evaluation An impact evaluation measures the program's effects and the extent to which its goals were attained.

Top of Page 6 How intensive is the program? This step responds to issues such as how far back in time baseline data should be collected and how long the program should operate to give it a fair opportunity to show results. To what extent were successes or failures a result of factors other than the strategy?

It should be noted that it is not always possible or appropriate to conduct outcome evaluation in peer-based programs. The evaluation design need not be overly complex to produce meaningful results.Nonprofit personnel do not have to be experts in outcomes-based evaluation in order to carry out a useful outcomes evaluation plan.

In most major activities in life and work, there is a "20% of effort that generates 80% of the results". Process Evaluation A process evaluation documents and analyzes the early development and actual implementation of the strategy or program, assessing whether strategies were implemented as planned and whether expected output was actually produced.

Process and Outcome Evaluations The Justice Management Institute (JMI) evaluates new and innovative justice programs and the impact of existing programs and services to determine whether they are meeting long and short term goals, as designed.

Process Evaluation vs. Outcome Evaluation

While process and outcome evaluations are the most common, there are several other types of evaluation questions that are central to a specific program evaluation. These include the following: Efficiency: Are your program’s activities being produced with.

Process Evaluation A process evaluation documents and analyzes the early development and actual implementation of the strategy or program, assessing whether strategies were implemented as planned and whether expected output was actually produced.

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Process and outcome evaluations
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