Nabisco and favorite cookie

I would like to request a refund but the number places me on hold each time. Keep up the good work my making great tasting snacks!!! They did have a thin layer of orange jam inside! They were my favorite as well - I worked for Nabisco for 12 Nabisco and favorite cookie and yes they had many variationsthe simple marshmallow between two Nilla Wafers, a version with jelly, one with cocoanut topping, etc.

I still crave them!!!

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In the beginning they were just called "Animals," They were imported from England when "fancy" baked goods first began to be in demand here. The population here over 70 years of age wish to lodge a mass complaint 18 people in this club in this email concerning the previously expressed complaints.

This is why you did not always see it in every box of cookies. I do remember some kind of jelly I am 38 and vividly remember buying these in Acme when I was 5, so they were around in Thanks for a trip dowm memory lane, a road too often not traveled. They were two vanilla wafers and sandwiched between them was a yummy marshmallow.

I think it would be a great marketing idea to have a "Remember your childhood favorites" campaign. I am 38 and vividly remember buying these in Acme when I was 5, so they were around in The word " biscuit " is a traditional term for what are now termed "cookies" and "crackers" in American Englishthough British English retains "biscuit" to refer to these baked goods.

They use to be of a dark color cracker now they look almost white with a terrible taste. This package has room for eight or nine more cookies.

History of NABISCO's Chips Ahoy! Cookies

Sadly, Nabisco has not plans to bake them. They came in a small blue wrapped double pack. I do not buy many cookies anymore and was really surprised when I read all of the complaints.

As a child, I remember the corner grocery store carried these cookies. My co-workers and I were reminising about the marshmallow cookies. One of our readers sent us this photo!

My grandmother used to keep them around for us kids - maybe because there was no risk of getting chocolate on our Sunday clothes the way you could with Mallomars. They came in a small blue wrapped double pack.

The company ran a national puzzle competition and received thousands of entries. I sure hope they do introduce a vintage line on the marshmallow sandwiches.

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I saw the picture of the box for the Marshmallow Sandwich and it doesn't say anything about apricot. We are the Nabisco generation. I share a sublime memory of pulling them from the waxy wrapper - what an awesome treat they were!Wonderfilled Chocolate Candy Thins Recipes Twist Lick Dunk App Follow OREO.

Nabisco Chocolate Cookies Healthy Snacks For Working Moms Healthy Dessert Recipes With Chocolate Healthy Quinoa Cookies Recipes Healthy Summer Desserts For Kids People usually equate sugar with sweets, when actually they in all probability the very.

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Product Description. Take a delicious break with Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, the favorite of millions around the world since Supremely dunkable, Oreos sandwich a rich creme filling between the bold taste of two chocolate wafers--making them milk's favorite cookie.

Chocolate snaps (Chocolate chip, graham, vanilla &c) Another classic Nabisco favorite, sorely missed.

America's Favorite Store-Bought Cookies

These cookies were sold in little boxes meant for one person featuring the picture of a cat-like face drawn on over the cookie. Windmill Cookie Recipe Chocolate Pepermint Cookies Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies Windmill Cookie Recipe Nabisco Chocolate Snap Cookies Easy Ways To Make.

Nabisco and favorite cookie
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