Look both ways nick and meryl come together only out of their fears of loneliness and death

He goes from being one of the most negative characters in the film to being there and supporting others bringing out his inner optimistic qualities.

She appears to be coping well with both her father's death and witnessing Rob's accident. Despite the circumstances that the characters in the film are faced with, the overall messages display a positive outlook on life.

Look Both Ways

It serves to illustrate the fractured nature of modern society and the overwhelming events persistent in the contemporary world. Julia, too, appears in a medium distance through window frames or door ways, suggesting that she is distant and unable to understand and cope with her grief.

Monday, February 18, Look Both Ways character analysis Here is some work done by one of my students in While the train driver is framed within a frame as he walks through his house.

In segment two, the glowing light from the windows in the background highlight her dislocation. Yes — a nice touch. Whilst an awareness of death frames their lives, the main characters are involved in a vital struggle to find a way of looking that will give them some purpose in a world of seemingly random events.

Personally I find it endearing. He begins to see his new situation in a different way and reread his life from the perspective of his illness.

It also keeps popping in his mind of what and where he could have been exposed and got it from which shows his confusion and that it is consistently on his mind: The son seeing his father go through this rough time decides to change his Goth-punk clothes for neat casual attire and flattens his spiky hair in an effort to please his father.

He watched his father die of cancer, and knows what may be in store. Both speak their only lines in the whole movie as a sign that they are coming to terms with their grief. It seems to argue against the sort of defeatist fatalism that rejects responsibility for our own lives.

Nick flashes through his photos that he has taken in the past of the bloated dead cow, burning buildings, starving people in Africa, war zones, and other death and tragedy, which shows that there is a constant reminder and feeling of death with him all the time.

Look Both Ways

Perplexed by the meaning of her own life, she visualises herself drowning in mediocrity. Is Andy avoiding this reality too, scared of unpredictability? If nothing else, I intend to use it with my students as an example of what I mean when I say: Why would that be so?

The pencil medium fosters a notion of personality and intimacy. The final photomontage of Nick recovering from cancer depicts his gratification of his new life. She also laughs at her own stupidity, she goes back to find Nick…. Also, by overcoming these fears, individuals are encouraged to embrace life.

Basically, what prompts an argument are disagreeing ideas. Re read aloud to check. Julia is also feeling anger at once stage towards the border collie dog, as it could be seen as its fault. His physical expression when he pops open the packet of chips and marches aggressively down the street shouting at the church choir to "shut up" characterises the way he feels on a daily basis.

The film exposes an in-depth reading regarding the pitfalls of life, appealing to worldwide human sentiments and wants, and our doubts and anxieties. The fear of devastation common in modern society colonises the psyche of most, as a result encumbers their existence.

An awareness of the past is critical to the way we live our future. It poses the question whether Cathy is as bad as Andy in terms of irresponsibility. The dialogue of particular characters provides an insight into their personal traits and out looks on life.

There are common trends here in the way people try to deny or avoid the prospect. Her illustrations delve into the deep recesses of her psyche, exposing her obsessive preoccupation with death itself.Look Both Ways shows viewers life isn’t always fair, you cannot choose what happens so make the most of it while you can, even if you have cancer, even if you have pushed away everyone that loves you, even if you despair, even if you have hit rock bottom, the only way to.

The music suggests – look both ways, but also reach out to others to find a way to cope with loneliness and grief – look forward to a better future. The rescued child in the Arnow Hill disaster suggests hope and optimism for the future.

Look both ways” is a Australia independent film, written and directed by Sarah Watt. Moreover, the film won four AFI Awards. In the film, a train accident happened in Arnow Hill on a hot Australia weekend and the accident not only impacts the main character’s life but also relates each other.

Jul 18,  · “Look Both Ways” is a brutal representation of how the fear of ones mortality and other significant human fears can hamper a meaningful existence. It also demonstrates how once an individual’s predicament is overcome it can inspire a full engagement with life.

Oct 29,  · ‘Nick and Meryl come together only out of their fears of loneliness and death’. Discuss. Sarah Watts much awarded film Look Both Ways explicates the notion that when two human beings share similar views and feelings they will ultimately be synchronistically attracted.

Oct 28,  · look both ways prac essay topics 4. ‘Nick and Meryl come together only out of their fears of loneliness and death.’ Discuss 5. 9. Despite its preoccupation with death, Look Both Ways is an essentially uplifting experience. Do .

Look both ways nick and meryl come together only out of their fears of loneliness and death
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