Graduate school and early modern europe

Graduate School and Early Modern Europe

In this case, the reader learns that she is a historian with training in literary and critical theory. University of Washington faculty specializing in the history of Modern Europe pursue a variety of themes in their teaching and research, including empire and migration, ethnicity and nationalism, history and memory, modernity and globalization, religion and political culture, the rise of consumer culture, the social consequences of industrialization, violence and terror, war and revolution, and women and gender.

Graduate students may pursue specializations in the national histories of Britain and France as well as in comparative and thematically-organized transnational programs of study.

Ancient History Degrees Conferred: At present, the collection totals overbooks, 10, periodical titles, and thousands of microforms. Her dissertation, "Ethics, Devotion, and Everyday Life: His interests also include transatlantic migrations and settlements.

Her current work examines the role of travel and the fruits of exploration, colonization, and trade in the development of English literature. Our doctoral program in Modern Europe focuses on developing scholars and teachers with a broad knowledge of European history and its relationship to the world.

Clearly the writer is well-read in theory and show s strong ability in cri tically evaluating her subject. Though there is a plethora of options, the pride of place goes to the University that is reputed for its standard par excellence — an honor that goes to none other than to your university.

They work closely with our faculty, including: Several medieval and early modern faculty members in other departments work with History Department faculty and graduate students to teach seminars and language courses, organize conferences and presentations, and help graduate students fulfill requirements for qualifying exams and dissertation committees: You may have to teach undergraduate classes within your field and conceivably even design a course.

Their specialties range from archaeology of the Early Middle Ages to early modern intellectual history, from the Spanish Empire to Kievan Rus. I look forward to being a part of your program in Advanced computer science and would consider myself fortunate to secure an admission into the Masters program at your University since it fits my interests exactly.

She remains interested, too, in the economic history of that period. Faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduates from different departments participate in this forum to study the influences of medieval and early modern culture on the modern world.

Early Modern European History

In addition to the regular departmental fellowships and awards, prospective students might note the Blair Rogers and J. Marley-Vincent Lindsey is a History Ph.

The Ph.D Program: Early Modern European History

The Woodruff Library has one of the finest collections in the country on early modern history. Illustrated Scripture in Post-Tridentine Europe. Ultimately however, I do not want to follow oft beaten trails but blaze a new one for others to follow.

Russell Major, an internationally known expert on French Renaissance government and society whose doctoral students now hold a number of major positions in the profession, the current faculty members are proud of our close, collegial cooperation and our record in guiding students individually towards successful topics and careers.

While I refuse to see women as simply passive receptacles of masculine command, I neither wish nor aspire to focus sole ly on their achievements; for, in my mind, the history of women and the history of patriarchy are inextricably related.

On a more basic level, writing a thesis gave me the chance to become better acquainted with the essentials of historical resear h. Indeed, many of the conclusions reached in the thesis, such as my claim that the cultural er oticization of feminine appetite in early modern England betrayed a deep-seated masculine mistrust of female sexuality and sexual power, serve as starting points 10 for future research and study.

Current Students

Doctoral students in Modern Europe typically take four semesters of classes, followed by general exams at the end of their fourth semester. Being substantive and direct is much better than being creative or flashy. Note how nothing extraneous to her study is me ntioned in this paragraph. Furthermore, the question of fema le agency in a project devote d almost exclusively to male prescriptions for diet and behavior demands further discussion.Melissa is a sixth-year doctoral candidate specializing in early modern European history (emphasis on the British Isles) and Women’s and Gender History.

She is a Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Compl. The Ph.D Program: Modern Europe Emory University's History Department offers a transnational, dynamic, and interdisciplinary approach to the study of Modern Europe from the eighteenth century to. At Princeton, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies is a cross-disciplinary association under the general auspices of the Council of the Humanities.

Europe: Medieval to Modern Times

There is a standing interdepartmental committee of faculty members, and a number of recognized graduate student organizers. Faculty / Resources / Students and Alumni. UF has a large and dynamic program in medieval and early modern history.

Renaissance Studies Graduate Students

We offer a range of seminars, undergraduate courses, public lectures, graduate student reading groups, and symposia. Early Modern European history is one of the department’s best known and most successful Ph.D programs.

Building on the work of the late J. Russell Major, an internationally known expert on French Renaissance government and society whose doctoral students now hold a number of major positions in the profession, the current faculty members are proud of our close, collegial cooperation and our.

Recent surveys of history graduate programs by U.S. News and World Report have consistently ranked our programs in women's and gender history, Modern U.S. history, and African-American history as among the very finest in the nation.

Graduate school and early modern europe
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