Critical analysis of phenomenal woman

At the end of the work, she describes the confidence and pride she has in herself, which radiates from her. Maya Angelou, renowned author, poet and actress even receiving an Emmy nomination for her part in the Roots mini serieshas an abundance of experience from which to draw in her poetry.

And others have trochaic followed by iambic: Still others are iambic preceding anapaestic: Refrain A phrase or line repeated at intervals within a poem, especially at the end of a stanza.

Give a critical analysis of the poem

It also lies within the stride of her step-the way she carries herself around. She has a proud smile which exudes optimism. It is something that is very often used in poems and songs.

Phenomenal Woman Analysis

This is indeed what renders her phenomenal; as she reiterates with the refrain. It's the fire, flash, swing and joy - the passionate heat as she looks at them, the gleaming white set behind the smile, the sensuality and sexuality, the enthusiasm of the dance.

And at the end of each. Maya Angelou tries to Critical analysis of phenomenal woman the mystery but the myopic men fail to see it. This variable rhythm, together with contrasting short and long vowels, make this a particularly interesting poem to read out loud and to listen to. They cannot touch her, which makes it even more difficult to understand why they are so crazy about her.

Asyndeton is a figure of speech in which one or several conjunctions are omitted from a series of related clauses. Despite not being what society thinks she should be - ideally beautiful - the phenomenal woman can attract the opposite sex to her simply by entering a room.

Her essence, her well being, goes far deeper. Angelou could have spoken about phenomenal women plural but it would not have been as compelling or persuasive. She can hold her head high because of what she is: The poem seems to be like a liberated women, it is free from any norms, poetic norms especially.

Epiphora is the repetition of the same word or words at the end of successive phrases, clauses or sentences. The more the individual is visually appealing, the more the confidence-factor.

Maya Angelou,

She says that they really try to answer it and it is difficult for them. Ballad A popular narrative song passed down orally. The woman portrayed here is the woman of substance, as she rises above conventional paradigms that enslaves her into a domestic archetype or aesthetic construct.

Angelou, who died at the age of 86 inis one of the most celebrated poets and memoirists in American literature. Jump to navigation Jump to search Angelou was an Afro-American and because of her nationality she experienced discrimination and was aware of the way the society looked at people like her.

It is a figure of speech and the counterpart of anaphora. Already the speaker has a secret and although she can't reveal all, she can tell the pretty ones about her own physical attributes. The final four lines also drive home the idea that this woman is special, unbelievable and her presence cannot be denied.

Angelou received several honours throughout her career, including two NAACP Image Awards in the outstanding literary work non-fiction category, in and It appears in the fire passion of her eyes, the intense look. The persona speaks directly in a personal voice first person singular.

Phenomenal Woman By Maya Angelou

They can ogle all they want, but this female's secret is hidden inside, it ain't visible on the exterior. It is something that she has within her reach, the span of her hips — she states it in a way to show she is proud of her hips, which is something unusual as the women that have bigger hips usually do not consider themselves beautiful and are not proud of it at all.

They all have the same number of syllables, maybe it is something that would be associated with the musical aspect of the poem or the poet did it on purpose just to make those lines with the explanations what makes her beautiful, stronger and very clear to the readers.Analysis of Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou.

The poem starts in a conversational fashion where a flock of women, intrigued by poet’s popularity amidst male suitors, want to know from her the secret of her success.

Despite her strong refusal to fit into beauty paradigm, the poet gets maximum male attention. Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman” in included in the collection And Still I Rise. The woman portrayed here is the woman of substance, as she rises above conventional paradigms that enslaves her into a domestic archetype or aesthetic construct.

It is done to make it even more clear that Angelou perceives herself as a women that is not only beautiful but smart and that she is phenomenal.

Analysis of Poem Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou

The last line in every stanza is an epiphora used to ephasize the fact that Angelou is a phenomenal woman. Here is an analysis of Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman, which defies the stereotypes women are often faced with today. The poem appeared in Angelou’s third volume of poetry, And Still I Rise, which was first published in I would like a detailed summary of the poem "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou.

1 educator answer Please explain all the stanzas of "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou. A woman's unique qualities are what define her and this poem is designed to give confidence to any woman, especially through the use of repetition so that, by the end of the poem, each and every.

Critical analysis of phenomenal woman
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