Breathing underwater by alex flinn essay

Leo's mother did nothing to stop her new husband from abusing her children. He stated there were no positions available so she has to wait.

I've got an unread book on my shelf by an author I really like-- she wrote Breathing Underwater, so I'm sure it'll be good. Alex started writing an early draft of Breathing Underwater in college. He is sixteen years old and knew it was wrong because he eventually apologized, so there is no excuse for his assaulting of someone.

See, Nick's a jerk. I would leave Melinda out of the conversation because it has nothing to do with business. To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy policy. Caitlin was the result of one. Even when friends tell him he's being horrible to her, he shrugs it off and ignores them.

Nick learns that he has to move on and make life better for him in the future. Who is more responsible for what happened: Breathing how to improve child s creative writing Underwater.

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Breathing Underwater. I suddenly wish I went to a high school for artists. Nick shows a careless attitude when he attends his family violence class, lead by a guy named Mario.

She also encourages him to submit his poetry to the school's literary magazine. We have the abusive ex-boyfriend. The latter because of packaging, but the former, well, it's because the main character, Nick, is written so convincingly, so honestly, and so brutally exposed, I thought only a male author would write a guy like that.

Nevertheless he was the sole person to blame for his causing harm Caitlin. Kick the Morality Pet: But the shorthand hurt my brain. He then laughs at her on a dinner date after an opera when she brings up the idea. Additionally he avoids her question as why there are not any women in management by asking her questions on her problems.

What parts would warrant a close up? The judge who sentences Nick also orders him to keep a journal about how things went sour between him and Caitlin, writing words a week.

I had some pretty high hopes for this book, since I read Beastly last year and absolutely adored it. Not that women can't write male characters realistically, but, when it comes to a character like Nick, why would they want to?

His ex-girlfriend Caitlin is taking the stand against him, accusing him of hitting her, and after being found guilty, he is sentenced to family violence classes and must write words a week in a journal. Compare and contrast Tom and Nick. Performance plays a big role in this situation.

He often yells at Nick over little things that really make his father angry at him. Nick was "a mistake" that happened because his mother didn't use enough protection.

No orders have been placed in the last 2 months. Nick or his father?


Here's the kind of idiot I am: Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn Breathing UnderwaterBreathing Underwater by a literary analysis of the book brighton rock by graham greene Alex Flinn is written as a series of journal entries.

Also, Nick was not alone throughout this struggle and could have confided in his best friend Tom for dvice regarding the situation. Does Superman need to breathe? My favorite part of this novel, by a mile, was the cafeteria scene.


For Mario, this was pushing his pregnant wife out of a moving car, causing her to miscarry. Although her understanding of her mother comes too rapidly, this is a solid story, full of self-deprecating humor, snappy dialogue, and well-developed characters and situations.Alex Flinn (Author) Alex Flinn studied theater, opera, and law before writing her first novel, Breathing Underwater, for which she was a Publishers Weekly "Flying Starts" featured author in June Breathing Underwater is a realistic book that looks at an abusive relationship from the violent person's point of view.

Even though I didn't like Nick because of the way he was toward Caitlin, I still sympathized with him as he discovered how much he had really hurt Caitlin. Free Breathing Underwater study unit worksheets for teachers to print.

Comprehension by chapter, vocabulary challenges, creative reading response activities and projects, tests, and much more! Alex Flinn's wiki: Alexandra Flinn (born October 23, ) is an American writer of novels for young adults.

To date, she has written eleven books and one original e-book, that have been published with another due in Does Alex Have Learning Disabilities? Essay - A learning disability is a condition in which a student has a dysfunction in processing information typically found in language-based activities, resulting in interference with learning (Friend,p).

Breathing Underwater begins with Nick going to court. His ex-girlfriend Caitlin is taking the stand against him, accusing him of hitting her, and after being found guilty, he is sentenced to family violence classes and must write words a week in a journal.

Breathing underwater by alex flinn essay
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